Oral Health

AB dental clinic teeth bleaching and whitening

It should be remembered, that persistent maintenance of proper oral hygiene is a prerequisite for general human well-being. Therefore, supposition that inadequate oral hygiene will have a grave effect limited to the oral cavity welfare is no doubt erroneous.

Moreover, uniform brushing in a correct manner is likely to ensure robust teeth and healthy oral cavity. Should you agonize that your brushing technique is not brilliant, AB DENTAL's expert will thoroughly explain you the decent approach which is gentle for teeth and gums.

As before, our experts do recommend you to use a teeth brush which is suitable for your gums and teeth enamel state. Of this, Supersoft, Soft or Medium brushes should be used. Likewise, you are advised to apply suitable teeth paste. Our practitioners advise in favour of professional tooth paste series manufactured in Germany. It is crucial to uniformly apply dental floss following brushing.

Furthermore, whilst aforementioned procedures are likely to guarantee longer life expectancy of your teeth, you are likely to approach a dental practitioner and hygienist periodically, at least once a year.

Dental Treatment Planning

Providing you have got either an unidentified or a particular oral cavity issue and, you wish to refer to trustworthy dental expert for the check and treatment, AB DENTAL is the dental clinic you will always leave with a healthy smile.

AB DENTAL's practitioner will provide you with a comprehensive tailor-made treatment plan comprising feasible treatment alternatives which, will take into account your oral health condition and issue identified, AB DENTAL expert’s advice in respect of durability, reliability and aesthetics of a distinct treatment alternative as well as your budget.

Moreover, X-ray images obtained via radiological diagnostics will be used throughout discussion with our specialist to visualise the case and assist you in the decision-making process.

It should be noted, that every visit to the AB DENTAL's specialist and treatment provided, including oral cavity X-ray images, will be recorded into the system to the keep record on your dental treatment history for rapid identification of treatment needs in the future.

Call or email AB DENTAL clinic and ask for an appointment with the specialist you prefer. Alternatively, we might offer you a practitioner considering availability of an expert at the time most convenient for you.

To complete the enquiry in respect of an appointment, you will have to provide us with personal data including full First and Second names, date of birth and contact information.

World Class Dental Esthetics

It is a common misinterpretation that solely people whose teeth are not of pure white colour should visit a hygienist in a dental clinic. In fact, although following the visit to a hygienist the teeth look lighter, the essential purpose of an oral hygiene is elimination of bacteria within the oral cavity, exclusion of gum disease as well as removal of tooth decay and dental calculi.

It is crystal clear, that the teeth and the whole oral cavity will be in a healthy state only providing regular visits to a hygienist are not neglected. Further, this will ensure that no severe oral cavity health issue develops, which will eliminate necessity for a more costly treatment.

In this respect, we do recommend our patients to visit a hygienist at least once a year.

During the visit to AB DENTAL hygiene specialists give an explanation of proper brushing and flossing techniques. It should be remembered, however, that even virtually exemplary brushing technique will not substitute a hygienist's visit.

Moreover, to maintain healthy teeth from an early age it is recommended that children visit a hygienist as well. AB DENTAL hygienists will explain brushing techniques to children and their parents.

Professional tooth cleaning is so easy:

  1. First, the teeth and gingivae are thoroughly examined.
  2. Then dental plaque and calculus are gently removed.
  3. To prevent caries and periodontitis, gentle tooth cleaning follows.
  4. The teeth are then gently polished and the enamel is sealed for a perfect result.
  5. Then reliable, pain-free and gentle LASER-based measurement procedure is used for the detection of early caries.
  6. Now comes your job: In addition to thorough teeth brushing, you should also clean the areas between your teeth daily with dental floss, or with small interdental brushes. In addition, the use of a tooth cleaner and mouthwash is recommended.

Modern prophylaxis includes:

  1. Professional teeth cleaning
  2. Gingivitis and periodontitis prophylaxis
  3. Peri-implantitis prophylaxis
  4. Prophylaxis of caries

Healthy teeth look even healthier when they are crystal white. It is obvious, that white teeth will attract more glances when you smile. In overall, dental health including teeth colour is individual’s image and, thus, you must ensure maintenance of flawless white colour of your teeth.

At some point however, the colour of teeth enamel apart from being influenced by congenital pigment has been suffering from daily dining. Of this, colourant of teeth enamel of individuals who adore coffee-based drinks is singularly put at risk. As a result, teeth are no longer of spotless white colour due to stains emerging.

Dental clinic AB DENTAL does provide top-quality laser-aided bleaching facilities.

The effect of the laser-aided procedure should last approximately 3 to 4 years. Patients should, however, be aware that in no case the result is never-ending.


It should be noted, that intense teeth pain may be provoked by nerves inflammation of teeth canals. In case of a severe pain, it is recommended to approach an expert in endodontic treatment forthwith.

In overall, endodontics specialists deal with treatment and surgical intercession of teeth canals. In this respect, Endo means 'within' and Dont means a 'tooth', both originating from the Latin language.

AB DENTAL's master practitioners can conduct preliminary endodontic treatment applying trend-setting teeth canal preparation and filling methods as well as comprehensive industry-leading diagnostic system technologies.

Our practitioners apply innovative three-dimensional (3D) dental imaging hardware and software aimed at digital volume tomography of whole maxillofacial area, guaranteeing brilliant image quality. This technology allows the most precise treatment planning available in the fields of implantology, surgery, orthodontics, preservative dentistry as well as endodontic treatment.


Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease of the periodontium (the tissues that support the teeth). It is one of the most common diseases found in human beings.

Surveys, conducted by respected German dentistry institutions as well as leading manufacturers of dental materials, evidence that at least eighty percent of all adults suffer from gum inflammation and are in need of a periodontal treatment.

Periodontitis warning signs:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Swollen and reddened gums
  • Receding gums
  • Sensitive teeth necks
  • Bad breath
  • Drifting and loosening of teeth

Periodontitis is caused by the bacteria that accumulate predominantly in between the teeth. If these bacteria are not regularly removed, the body reacts with inflammation; this normally results in bleeding gums. If the gum inflammation (gingivitis) is not treated, it can develop into periodontitis: the inflammation – which is initially only superficial – becomes chronic and begins to attack the connective tissues around the teeth and bones. In addition to bleeding, this causes receding gums and the erosion of the jaw bone, which can lead to loose teeth and, eventually, tooth loss.

It should be remembered, that likelihood of heart disease, diabetes as well as pregnancy complication is likely to rise if periodontitis treatment is neglected.

The course of the illness varies greatly from patient to patient. The immune system of the affected person plays an essential role. Further, since periodontitis is a chronic disease, long-treatment success can only be ensured if the patient’s teeth and gums are regularly checked and cleaned of bacteria as part of a maintenance treatment.

AB DENTAL clinic offers patients, necessitating periodontal medical care, the best in class treatment. The clinic is equipped both with master dental practitioners specialised in periodontitis treatments and, selection of pioneering clinical hardware and instruments, including surgical microscopes, for periodontitis issues.

On the strength of state-of-the-art Vector appliance as well as application of conventional procedures our specialists embark on preventive treatment of periodontitis disease at primary stages

Treatment starts with professional teeth cleaning. Successive gentle periodontitis treatment involves thorough elimination of deposits and bacteria from the gum pockets and roots surfaces. Sensitive and painless ultrasonic procedure follows.

We guarantee that our clinic is to provide decent support and approach to treatment exceeding your ultimate expectations.

Orthodontic Treatment

Communication is a vital element of every individual’s life. Thereby, it is crystal clear that without healthy, strong and aesthetic teeth there is no place for an ultimate self-confidence throughout the conversation.

At some point however, some individuals has not got inherent congenital liner allocation of teeth. In this respect, it is necessary to approach a qualified expert – orthodontist.

Orthodontology is a branch of dentistry pertaining to occlusion (from Latin occludere: to shut) reshaping as well as alignment of teeth in straight rows. Orthodontists perform linear teeth positioning and tight occlusal connection of lower and upper jaws as well as excellent oral aesthetics.

It should be remembered, that crooked teeth and imprecise fitting of jaws are likely to cause excessive pressure on chewing muscles, leading to severe pain, essentially in the neck and backbone areas. Moreover, improper occlusion may well shorten teeth durability and life expectancy.

Sensibly, the probability of aforementioned issues might form a solid argument in favour of a visit to dental clinic.

Moreover, it should be noted, that no patient age restrictions exist for getting in touch with an orthodontics expert. At some point however, it should be remembered, that every case requires individual scrutiny and treatment planning. Although, the earlier you contact the respective dental specialist the less time consuming the procedure is likely to be, in this respect.

Modern dental practice offers patients in need of an orthodontic treatment a comprehensive range of appliances, both permanently fitted (for a distinct period) and removable. Moreover, the purpose regarding formation of precise teeth row, facilitation of jaws growth in accepted manner as well as adaptation of oral cavity muscles to function properly is shared. It is logical, that the grievousness of the individual case will determine the most suitable treatment alternative.

In this respect, AB DENTAL's expert will consult every patient in necessity of an orthodontic treatment on appropriate treatment option and, will prepare an individual treatment plan, bearing in mind the case in question and financial capabilities of a patient.

Implantology and Surgery

Implants are nowadays a tried and tested solution for functional yet aesthetic tooth replacement.

Dental implants are artificial roots for the teeth. They are fitted in the jaw in place of the natural root and hold your replacement teeth securely in place.

It should be noted, that dental implants do offer numerous benefits when you need to make a decision which type of replacement is right for you.

  • Healthy teeth do not need to be ground down.
  • Crowns, bridges or dentures are securely fixed in the jawbone.
  • Masticatory (chewing) function and aesthetics are restored.
  • Premature bone loss due to a lack of pressure stimulation is prevented.
  • Range of restoration options is extended; no sensation of a foreign body in the mouth.
  • Talking, eating and tasting as if with your own teeth.
  • Better quality of life for many years.

Following years of experience our team does give preference to the BEGO Semados best-in-class quality implant produce manufactured entirely in Germany and, delivering optimum solutions for inclusive range of indications.

These implants are made of commercially pure Grade 4 titanium (ISO 5832), and are to guarantee superior protein-binding capacity, excellent osseointegration (rapid adhesion of osteogenic cells), irritation-free mucosal apposition as well as minimisation of marginal bone resorption and strong bond between implant and bone by virtue of high-purity, homogeneous, blasted and etched (TiPure Plus ) surface.

Moreover, titanium is a biopassive and bioinert material that is virtually tasteless, radiotransparent, resistant to corrosion and is a poor conductor of heat.

In this respect, implantation is a cost-effective, reliable, durable and aesthetic tooth replacement solution.

Team AB DENTAL practitioners will ensure that your new, implant-supported teeth will feel as natural as if they are your own.

Furthermore, BEGO Semados implants have a lifetime warranty.

In AB DENTAL the placement of dental implants in the jawbone is a surgical outpatient procedure which is carried out under a local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia

It is crystal clear that our implantologist meticulously examines x-ray image when planning the surgery.

AB DENTAL provides on-site facilities for all type radiological diagnostics with the use of cutting-edge X-ray apparatus produced by the US leading manufacturer GENDEX. It should be noted, that the GENDEX unit reduces the radiation level to minimum. As a result, the procedure is even more harmless than ever.

Furthermore, AB DENTAL clinic is equipped with an advanced surgical hardware produced by the world's leading dental appliances manufacturer.

The procedure takes place under sterile conditions at surgical section of the clinic, with the use of professional clinical ventilation system, significantly exceeding minimum standards. It is sensible, surgeons are to wear sterile cloths and use sterile surgical accessories, all disposable.

The surgical instruments are designed to ensure gentle preparation of the jawbone, i.e. only a few preparatory steps are needed before the expert places the dental implant.

Class-leading sterilization facilities enable maintenance of highly sterile conditions of surgical instruments which are also stored in specifically designed sealed containers? ensuring sterile condition of the instruments for a period of up to six months.

To make sure that implants will heal without any pressure or masticatory loads, temporary restoration is fitted so that it is not functional, i.e. no load exerted during chewing. The restoration is provided with a permanently soft lining to prevent pressure to the site of surgery.

Healing time of the dental implants depends on your state of health. BEGO Semados implants normally require two to six months to heal.

Once implants have fused to the jawbone, fitting and placement of the permanent single crown, bar or bridge restoration can take place.

Prosthetic treatment

AB DENTAL clinic offers patients world class teeth restoration treatment. Of this, all-ceramic inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers, partial crowns and veneers, anterior and posterior crowns, fully anatomical single tooth restorations, bar and bridge restorations, NPM restorations, zirconium oxide bridges, bars, attachments as well as placement of all-type restoration onto implants can take place.

The choice of treatment is to be determined by particular restoration needs. In this respect, our specialists will advise the patient on which alternative is more suitable and feasible considering particular denture as well as durability, reliability and esthetical characteristics.

It should be noted, that we apply exclusively high-quality composite materials, demonstrating both high esthetics and high strength. Team AB DENTAL does give preference to German and Swiss manufacturers, including Ivoclar Vivadent and VITA ZahnFabrik.

Treatment of Children

Children may well be afraid of the dentist's visit, especially if for the first time, thus, Team AB DENTAL encompasses qualified and experienced dental experts specialized in treating children of all ages.

We will do our best to ensure that your child leaves with a smile and is no longer afraid of dentists.

Please notice that our dentists and dental hygienists treat children from 7 years old.