Why us?

The AB DENTAL story began in 1999 with gathering expertise and experience via visits to international dental exhibitions and dental shows, including Germany-based, as well as specialized courses organized by the industry majors. Grand opening of the AB DENTAL clinic was held in 2002.

Meanwhile, experience of more than 16 years has been forming the distinct approach to client treatment and application of cutting-edge technologies, notably German and Swiss ones.

In this respect, a branch of AB DENTAL clinics is the class-leading provider of integrated dental treatment, bringing our expertise and experience to an varying client base.

We aspire to provide the best-in-class dental treatment. In this respect, the magnitude of integration of the dental industry innovative techniques and developments into AB DENTAL’s practice is of a great scale.


Our Vision and Values

  • Integrity
  • AB DENTAL is a business that has being built on long-term relationships and trust. Our patients have always known that we will ‘do the right thing’. We say what we mean and stand by those words, taking responsibility for our actions at all times.

  • Fairness
  • Every patient we encounter is treated equally. We are fair to our clients, in the terms we propose and the level of service each person can expect, and fair to our own people as well. We strongly believe that consistent reinvestment of profits in training and development is the essential prerequisite for the support of every member of AB DENTAL.

  • Excellence
  • Second best has no place at AB DENTAL. We endeavour to excel in every way – helping our clients achieve their aesthetics objectives, no matter how challenging, by applying our unrivalled experience and expertise to bring each treatment and restoration project to fruition.

We have a clear strategy to maintain and extend our industry leadership, based on two objectives:

  • People:
  • We empower everybody at AB DENTAL to fulfill their potential.

    We want AB DENTAL to be recognized as the place where the best people are empowered to do their best work.

    We give our talented and experienced dental practitioners the tools to shine – including leading edge technologies in materials and equipment, high quality training and development as well as financial reward.

  • Understanding:
  • From clients coming for the first time to loyal patients returning with their family members, our client base is second to none.

    Treating these patients we aim at building a deep understanding of their dental care needs and provide the tailored solution, that is to help them regain confidence during conversations and smiling.

What makes us the natural partners for a wide range of clients?
Customer service and enthusiastic spirit, supported by a firm commitment from everybody at Team AB DENTAL deliver our vision and live our values, every day.

Dr. Alla Berjozova

Clinic Specialists

Vides pieejamība

Vēlamies informēt mūsu pacientus, ka AB DENTAL klīnikā pagaidām nav nodrošināta iespēja saņemt veselības aprūpes pakalpojumus personām ar funkcionāliem traucējumiem.

Tādēļ, saskaņā ar musu klīnikas galvēnas ārstes un vadītājas rīkojumu, gadījumā, ja mūsu pacientu starpā parādās personas ar funkcionāliem traucējumiem, kam ir nepieciešami veselības aprūpes pakalpojumi, mēs novirzīsim tos pacientus ārstniecības iestādēs, kurās jau ir nodrošināta vides pieiejamība personām ar funkcionāliem traucējumiem.

Ārstniecības iestādes Liepājā un Liepājas reģionā, kuras ir nodrošinātas vides pieejamību personām ar funkcionāliem traucējumiem, ir sekojošas:

VCA Poliklīnika Liepājas MC (AS „Veselības centru apvienība’’)

Brīvibas iela 95, Liepāja, LV-3401


Zobārstniecības poliklīnika (SIA „Liepājas reģionāla slimnīca’’)

Kārļa Zāles laukums 2, Liepāja, LV-3401